2013 I am a Person, Grand Central Neighborhood Drop In-Shelter, NY NY

         Permanent Photo Installation, Curated by Brady Cain


          Encyclopedia of Emotional Histories: Parts A-M, Fisher Landau Center, NY, NY

          Four Part Live Performance, Curated by Ruba Katrib


         Squid Out of Water, Jalopy Theatre, NY, NY

          Evening Length Performance


          William Golding and the Bachelor, Under St. Mark’s Place, NY, NY

           Feature Length Performance


2012  EXODUS: Migration Patterns During Wartime, Hotel Ritchie, Alpine Texas

Video Installation, Curated by Mattie Mataie


EXODUS: Migration Patterns During Wartime, SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico

         Video Installation, Curated by Carla Herrera Pratt


         EXODUS: Migration Patterns During Wartime, Red Victorian, San Francisco, California

          Video Installation

          Curated by Sumi Sunchild


EXODUS: Migration Patterns During Wartime, Flex Space at Pump Project, Austin, Texas

          Performance and Video Installation


 2011 Migration Patterns During Wartime, Justice Works, San Antonio, Texas

          Performance and Video Installation

          Curated by Barbara Justice


         Incantations of Help, Soda Tooth Gallery, San Marcos, Texas

         Video Installation

         Curated by Soda Tooth Collective


         1/24, Co-Lab, Austin, Texas

         Photo and Video Installation with Live Performance

         Curated by Sean Gaulager


2009 Science of Suggestion, Frontera Festival, Blue Theatre, Austin, Texas

         Feature Length Performance

         Curated by Christina Moore




2014 Culture Push Benefit Show, Casa Mescal, NYC, NY

         Drawings: Catalogue of Men

         Curated by Aki Sasamoto


          Six of One, Half A Dozen of the Other, Diverse Works and Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX

          Video Installation and Drawings: Exodus: Migration Patterns During Wartime

           Curated by Rachel Cook


         Engaging Artists, 347 E 54th, NYC, NY

         Photography: Angola Prison Rodeo, Images 1-6

          Curated by Jason Maas

          MFA Thesis Show, Fisher Landau Center

          Sculpture and Video Installation: Encyclopedia of Emotional History

          Curated by Ruba Katrib

         Pyramid Scheme, 204 25th Street, Brooklyn, NY

         Live Performance: Afterlife

         Curated by Nat Ward


2013 Movement Research at the Judson Church, Judson Church, NY, NY

         Live Performance: Studying Spring

         Curated by Alice MacDonald


         Before the Pause, Wallach Gallery, NY, NY      

         Live Performance and Video Installation: Anatomy of Death

         Curated by Jenny Jaskey


        As We Perform It, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT

        Video Documentation of Live Performance: Due to Miscommunication

        Curated by Sandrine Milet


        Midtown Rubdown, Culture Push, NY, NY

        Live Performance: Words of Love and Devotion

        Curated by Aki Sasamoto


        Masker Raid, IMC Gallery, NY NY

        Live Performance: One Tiger, One Monster One Multiverse and Three Angry Men        

        Curated by Sol Sax


        CoWorker Projects, Entwine, NY, NY

        Video Screening: Flamenco Et Al, Rite Of Springs  

        Curated by Yulia Trophy


        Endurance Makes Gold, Entwine, NY, NY

        Video Screening: Due to Miscommunication

        Curated by Yulia Trophy


        Magical Thinking, 200 Livingston, NY, NY

        Live Performance: Noh Gabin Goes to Burkina Faso

        Curated by Juliette Premmereur and Dana Liss


        Live Archive, Crucible Building, Pittsburgh, PA

        Video Screening: Due to Miscommunication

        Curated by Oreen Cohen


        Hopeful?, The Penthouse Gallery, Baltimore, MD

        Live Performance: Two into One or the Making of Black

        Curated by Laura Miller


2012 Occupy: Low Lives, Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics, NYU, NY, New York

        Performance: Migration Protest

        Curated by Jorge Rojas


        Un-Space Ground, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California

         Performance: Migration Patterns During Wartime, Exhibition Travels

        Curated by Deborah Oliver and Ed Woodham


        Group Hug, Pump Project Flex Space, San Marcos, Texas

        Video Installation: Exorcise String Theory

        Curated by Jaime Salvador Castillo


        The Inevitable, 222Lodge Extern, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

         Video Projection: Due to Miscommunication

         Curated by Franz Van Lent


2011 The Space Between Your Ears, Gallery I, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

         Video and Sculpture Installation: Migration Patterns During Wartime


         Everybody Tour, with Harrell Fletcher, San Marcos, Texas

         Performance, Drawing Installation and Zine Publication

         Curated by Jason Reed and Erina Duganne


         The Hair Show, Wreck Center, San Marcos, Texas

         Drawings: The Incurable Baldness, …and Marietta

         Curated by Attic Ted


        Untitled #1, the Blanco House, San Marcos, Texas

         Installation: White Monsters Numbers 1-3; The Topography of Memory

         Curated by Fourtet


         FASA Spring Show, Texas State University Art and Design Gallery II

         Video: Exorcise String Theory, Honorable Mention

         Curated by Alex Freeman of Art Pace


         First Friday, Number 5 Loft Studios, San Antonio, Texas

         Photography: Missed Connections Series

         Curated by Matt Blanco


         Daisy Chain, Antena Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

         Telecast Video: 16 Conversations with Escape Bird

         Curated by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook


         5x7, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas

         Collage: Two Robots and Jeunet’s Botticelli


         FASA Spring Show, Pump Project Satellite Space, Austin, Texas

         Video: Exorcize String Theory, Honorable Mention

         Curated by Alex Freeman of Art Pace


2010 I Had You At Hello, Studio 210, San Marcos, Texas

         Photography: Austin Street Photography Series

         Curated by Skippy Sheffield


        S.O.S, Studio 210, San Marcos, Texas

        Photography: Boy Peers Over Car Door While Father Fixes Engine; Mom Puts Child in Car Seat

        Curated by Studio 210 Project Group


         Art for Texas, Studio 210, San Marcos, Texas

         Sculpture: What I Talk About When I Talk About Us

         Video: Sounds and Images for Meditation, Exorcise

         Curated John Durham


        Family Group Art Show, Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio, Texas

        Photography: Walking to Outdoor Summer Concert, Willow Street

        Curated by Barbara Justice and Adriana Barrios of Justiceworks Studio


        Sabinalia, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

        Photography: Miss Texas Gay Rodeo Fans Herself

        Curated by Barry Stone and Sonia Dutton of Champion Gallery


        Exquisite Corpse, Flatbed Press, Austin, Texas

        Photography: Close-up of Judge for Drag Event

        Curated by Carla Ellard of the Wittliff Gallery


        First Friday, Number 5 Loft Sudios, San Antonio, Texas

        Photography: Angola Prison Rodeo Series

        Curated by Matt Blanco


2008 Dance Informance, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

       Video: String Theory

       Curated by Kathy Dunn Hammerick



Creatures 1 and A                   Creature 1                               Mi Casa Es Su Teatro

The Austin Project                 Ensemble                                 Warfield Center, University of Texas, Austin

Sushi Paws                                Writer, Choreographer           American College Dance Festival

Science of Suggestion            Writer, Choreographer           Frontera Festival

Mixed Bill                                  Ensemble                                    GNAP! Theatre Project

Get In the Box                           Writer, Choreographer           Perpetual Motion Dance Festival, OK

Mimes A Thud                          Ensemble                                    Creative Time, NY

Fish Bowl                                  Ensemble                                    Big Range Dance Festival

Orpheus Ascending                Choreographer, Dancer          Big Range Dance Festival

 *Woman on Fire                      Juanita                                                           Austin Script Works/ Teatro Vivo

Justice Project (residency)                      Dancer                                                           Spellman College, GA

365 Days/ 365 Plays              Various                                       Blanton Museum

*Alicia                                        (title)                                           Zachary Scott Theatre, PIA, touring

 Tom Sawyer                              Becky (principal)                     Windy City Players, touring

Salsation Touring                    Ensemble                                    Salsation Theatre, touring

Never the Sinner                                        Leopold (principal)                Loop Players

Just for the Halibut                  Ensemble                                    Second City, IL

Importance of Being Earnest  Lady Bracknell                       Alamo City Actor’s Guild

*Improvisational Showcase    Ensemble                                 Latino Laugh Festival

ComedySportz                          Ensemble                                    ComedySportz TX, NC

Mixed Nutz                                Ensemble                                    Axis Theatre, MD 



Houle as #16549                     #16549                                   (self)

Sugar Coating the Problem     Performer                               (self)

Fig                                           Vocalist                                  (self)

Frederick                                 Narrator                                  (self)

String Theory                            Choreographer and Dancer  (self)

WIP                                             Choreographer and Dancer  Chris Merchant

*Operation Science Quest                      Birdy Beakman                         Thinkwell

Condaleeza                                Christina                                    Austin School of Film

Man of My Dreams                   Lucy                                            Coffee Table Casting, IL

Human Behavior                      Estelle                                                           Columbia College, IL

One                                              Amy                                             Columbia College, IL

Two                                              God                                              Columbia College, IL 



No Sweat…Go for the Gold   Regional

Illinois Institute of Design      Regional

Crunch Fitness                         Regional



Columbia University, MFA Visual Arts, 2014

Hakomi Training, Candidate for Certification, 2013

Texas State University, Summa Cum Laude, BFA in Studio Art and Photography, 2012

Austin Community College, AA in Dance, 2012

Yoga Yoga Austin, 200hr RYT, Kundalini, 2009

ComedySportz, IL                     Improvisation I, II: Matt Kaye, 2003

Victory Gardens, IL                  Scene Study: Bill Norris, 2002

Audition Studio, IL                   Shurtleff I, II, Scene Study: Linda Gillum, Jack Bronis, Chris Thometz, 2002

Second City Conservatory, IL   Levels 1, 1A, 2: Michael Gellman, Tim O’ Malley, Norm Holly, 2001



2013 Assistant to Fia Backstrom

2007-2012 Assistant to Deborah Hay

2007- 2011 Assistant to Dana Friis-Hansen and Marc Holzbach

2007-2011 Volunteer, Arthouse at the Jones Center

2006 Painter, Tom Melvin Studios

2001 Painter, San Antonio Mural Project



2013 Columbia University School of the Arts Summer Residency Scholarship

2013 Columbia University School of the Arts Fellowship

2012 Idea Fund Grant Recipient

2012 Council of Scholars Texas State University

2011 Honorable Mention, FASA Spring Show, Alex Freeman

2010, 2011 Department of Art and Design Scholarship, Texas State University

2010, 2011 Deans List, Texas State University

2009 Top Ten Dance Phenomena, Austin Chronicle

2009  Golden Key Kundalini Training Scholarship, Yoga Yoga

2008, 2009 Department of Dance Scholarship, Austin Community College

2008 Phi Theta Kappa, Austin Community College

2005 Nominated Best Lead Actress in a Children’s Performance, Best Ensemble, B. Iden Payne Awards



2013 Artist in Residence, Engaging Artists, More Art and the Artist Volunteer Center, NY NY

2013 Artist in Residence, Summer Program, Mildred’s Lane, Narrowsburg, PA

2012 Artist in Residence, Summer Program, SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico

2012 Selected Participant, Everybody Tour, Weeklong workshop with guest artist Harrel Fletcher, San Macos, TX

2011 Guest Artist, KIPP High School, Austin, Texas

2010  Performing Participant, Mime’s a Thud with Olga Kolgumundros and Ronday Mc Miliian, Creative Time, Austin TX

2008 Dance Department Visiting Artist, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia



Andy Campbell, “Notes on Art” The Destroyer Magazine, November, 21, 2013

Leslie Moody Castro, “ DF Chats: Christina Sukhgian Houle” Glasstire, August 4, 2012

Robert Faires, “Arts Awards” Austin Chronicle, December 16, 2011

Hap Mansfield, “Would You Pick Up This Hitchhiker?” San Marcos Mercury, December 10, 2011

Nathan Bernier, “Video Art Considers Interaction With Outsiders” KUT News, December 1, 2011

Dan Solomon, “House Lights: The Science of Suggestion,” Interview, A.V. Club, January 22, 2009

Robert Faires, “Science of Suggestion,” Austin Chronicle, January 30, 2009

Jonelle Seitz, “Top Ten Dance Phenomena,” Austin Chronicle, January 2, 2009



 “An Interview With me by Me,” Yes Ma’am, Fall 2011

“Paper Frogs,” Rio Review, Fall 2008

“66” Rio Review, Fall 2007

 “Blues Man,” Quirk, Fall 2001

“Blues Man,” Sun Poetic Times, Fall 2001

 “Adam,” Quirk, Spring 2000



2013 Works in Progress

         Columbia University, NYC, NY

          Staged reading and Q and A for “Afterlife”

         Organized by Valerie Lynn Werder


2010 Texas State University, San Marcos Texas

         Feminism and Visual Representation Student Conference

         Digesting Other: Using Interviews and Performance to Embody Difference



2013 Guest Lecturer on Character Building, Video I, Columbia University

2013 Guest Lecturer on Improvisation in the Arts, Sculpture I, Columbia University

2013 Teaching Assistant, Sculpture III (Performance and Site Specific Installation), Columbia University

2013 Teaching Assistant, Advanced Video, Columbia University

2012 Co-Instructor, Improv as Performance Art- Performance Art as Improv, Improv Wins Confrence

2011 Teaching Assistant, Feminism and Visual Representation, Texas State University

2007-08 Dance Teacher, Diversified Youth Services; University of Texas Austin: RecSports

1997 Co-Instructor, Improv for Children, Latino Laugh Festival

1997 Co-Instructor, Improv Level I ComedySportz San Antonio

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